Storm Shelter Registration
Help us find you in the event of disaster. We know many people have storm shelters or storm cellars. In order to make sure they are not overlooked in the aftermath of a tornado or other disaster, the fire department is trying to get a registry of those shelters. Please fill out this form and send it to the fire department so you can be included. There is no cost to you.
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Tyler Wieland

 Tyler Wieland serves as the Henryetta fire chief.
He moved to that position in October, 2023 and has been on the fire department since 2008. Prior to that he served several years as a volunteer fireman.
He has an associate degree in fire and emergency management.

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Coverage Area
The Henryetta Fire Department not only covers the 6.2 square miles of incorporated city, but it also covers a fire district that includes a large amount of southern Okmulgee County. The Henryetta Fire Department has mutual aid agreements with all of the volunteer fire departments located in southern Okmulgee County.


Shifts & Personnel
The department has 3 shifts: A, B, and C. Each shift consists of a captain, a lieutenant, and 2 firefighters. Each duty shift is 24 hours for around-the-clock response.

Staff & Apparatus
The Henryetta Fire Department consists of:

1 Chief
12 firefighters
1 fire station
1 ladder truck
2 brush trucks
3 engines

Emergency Response
Although the Henryetta Fire Department does not control emergency medical services within the city, each fire shift is staffed with nationally registered emergency medical technicians (EMTs).

Insurance Services Office (ISO)
The Henryetta Fire is delighted to announce the new ISO (Insurance Services Office) rating for the City of Henryetta. Henryetta is 1 of less than 100 cities in Oklahoma who has received a grade 4, proving they are dedicated to citizens' safety. This means businesses as well as residential insurance premiums are at an all-time low in Henryetta.

Storm Shelters
Oklahoma is known for its severe storms that can happen at anytime during the year. As a result, many residents have invested in storm shelters to protect themselves and their families.
In order to help the fire department, all residents with storm shelters or cellars are being asked to register them with the fire department. Just let us know where the shelter is (outside, within the home and what part of the house) so, in the event of disaster, we can come to your aid. Just fill out the form on the right and send it to us.

Contact Us

David Bullard
Fire Chief

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1804 NE 4th Street
Henryetta, OK 74437
Phone: 918-652-7102
Fax: 918-652-7346

Hours: 24/7



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