Parks & Recreation


The Henryetta Park Department shall provide high quality and effective recreation services, facilities and parks which benefit area residents and contribute to the economy, the environment, the wellness and the sense of community.

Services & Goals
The Parks Department strives to serve the community by setting the following goals and duties:

  • To promote community involvement in the planning and operation of all facets of Park and Recreation Department operations
  • To incorporate within the department and its programs new technologies and processes that will make activities and services more cost effective
  • To develop systems of information and guidance to provide for more effective delivery of activities and services
  • To offer comprehensive, quality recreational programming aimed at satisfying the needs of varying age levels, physical abilities, and special interests
  • To maintain and improve the appearance of parks and existing facilities throughout Henryetta at a high standard of quality on a systematic and scheduled basis
  • To utilize the natural characteristics of the land when evaluating the potential for Park and Recreation purposes
  • To periodically assess and evaluate the recreational needs of the citizens of Henryetta
  • To make Park and Recreation participation as simple and convenient as possible to clientele and treat patrons like valued customers
  • To provide efficient and effective direction, coordination, leadership, and quality leisure services throughout Henryetta.


The Park Board is an advisory Board to the City Council and is to work to improve the looks and use of Henryetta's city parks.


Jeremy Roberts

Nita Robertson

Keith Hare

James McCullough

Steve Sanford

Jill Francis

Laura Goodner