TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2023





Presentation of award to Jennifer Munholland in recognition of her support of the VFW Post 539 during her term as Mayor. (Presented by Bill Goodner)

ITEM #1: Public Hearing to close-out Oklahoma Department of Commerce Contract No. 18121 CDBG 20, Henryetta Main Water Line Construction Project. (Hearing Notice was posted on June 2nd, 2023 at City Hall, Henryetta Public Library, Henryetta Post Office, and the Okmulgee County Courthouse).

ITEM #2: Discuss/Act to acknowledge completion of the Henryetta Main Water Line Construction Project and that all final costs have been incurred, or obligated, to make final payment to the suppliers. (EODD Jay Hayes, Grant Administrator)

ITEM #3: Discuss/Act on approval of Consent Agenda:
Financial Reports for May, 2023.
Minutes of meetings held in May, 2023.
Claims for the month of May, 2023.

ITEM #4: Discuss/Act on approval of payment to Bank of Oklahoma in the amount of $41,216.67 for 2015 Note Series monthly payment.
ITEM #5: Discuss/Act on approval of payment to AEP/PSO in the amount of $24,421.45.

ITEM #6: Discuss/Act on City Manager’s Report.

ITEM #7: Discuss/Act to reinstate Henryetta Parks Board. (Item tabled May 16, 2023)

ITEM #8: Discuss/Act on fencing along Railroad right-of-way at Caboose Park. (Item tabled May 16, 2023)

ITEM #9: Discuss/Act to appoint Dillin Munholland to the Board of Adjustments.

ITEM #10: Discuss/Act on recommendation from Oklahoma Municipal Assurance Group (OMAG) to deny tort claim filed by Cristi Threet (Claim No. 212554-1-DD).

ITEM #11: Discuss/Act to approve the Liability Protection Plan, Property Protection Plan and Worker’s Compensation Plan with Oklahoma Municipal Assurance Group for Fiscal Year 2023-2024.

ITEM #12: Discuss/Act on approval of Resolution No. 1294 A Resolution Approving The City Of Henryetta, Oklahoma Budget For The Fiscal year 2023-2024 And Establishing Budget Amendment Authority.

ITEM #13: Discuss/Act on the following actions approved by the Henryetta Economic Development Authority (HEDA) during the June 12, 2023 regular meeting: (1) HEDA will reimburse the City of Henryetta for a total of up to $100,000.00 as a tax incentive for Mr. Day’s restaurant investment in Henryetta (2) the City of Henryetta will rebate 2.5% of Mr. Day’s restaurant sales tax to Mr. Day quarterly not to exceed $100,000.00 over a 3-year period (3) if the total of the sales tax after 3-years of rebate is less than $100,000, no further sales tax will be rebated by the City or HEDA (4) the effective date of the sales tax rebate will begin the first day of sales at the new restaurant (5) if Mr. Day transfers ownership of the restaurant within the 3-year period, the agreement to rebate any sales tax will be terminated effective the date of transfer (6) the City of Henryetta will monitor Mr. Day’s restaurants sales tax collected and will invoice HEDA quarterly for reimbursement to the City (7) HEDA’s approval of the $100,000.00 incentive reimbursement to the City for the tax rebate is contingent on approval by the Henryetta City Council (the beneficiary) as defined in the HEDA Trust Indenture.

ITEM #14: Discuss/Act on providing roll off dumpsters for City wide clean up with the Chamber of Commerce for July 14th and 15th, 2023.

ITEM #15: Discuss/Act to allow Chamber of Commerce to use Nichols Park on August 5th, 2023 to host a Music Festival.

ITEM #16: Adjourn.